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Our History


The Citizens National Bank (CNB) was founded in Greenleaf, Kansas on September 17, 1915, just a year after the outbreak of World War I. One of the primary organizers was John M. Padgett, who also served as the bank’s first cashier.

John Padgett became president of the bank in 1932, a short time before the Dow Jones plummeted to its depression low. When a bank moratorium in 1933 closed most banks, The Citizens National Bank managed to remain open.

In October 1953, John Padgett died and his son Sherman became president. Sherman had attended Washington University at St. Louis and then joined CNB in 1922. He served as Assistant Cashier prior to leaving in 1929 to become a State Bank Examiner. He accepted that position just 10 days before the famous Black Tuesday on Wall Street. In July 1931, he resigned that position and returned to CNB as its cashier.

Gary Padgett, grandson of the founder, worked at the bank while in high school. He went on to graduate from the University of Kansas, then served three years in the Air Force. Gary Padgett was working with Fourth National Bank in Wichita when his father suffered a heart attack in 1959. His father’s illness brought Gary back to Greenleaf, where he has guided the affairs of CNB since that time. He was named Executive Vice President in 1962. That same year, CNB took over Greenleaf State Bank.

In 1965, Gary Padgett acquired controlling interest in the bank, and he became president the following year. Sherman H. Padgett, who was bank chairman at the time, died in May 1966, and Gary assumed this additional responsibility. Gary’s wife, Sue, became a director of the bank in August 1967, and sons Brad and Brent, were elected to the board in 1985. Brad and Brent are both graduates of the University of Kansas. Brad graduated in 1983 with a B.S. in Business Administration and upon graduation was commissioned into the U.S. Army and served on Active Duty for 8 years before leaving the service and going to work for Hallmark Cards. Brent graduated from KU in 1987 and finished his Masters of Business Administration in 1991. Brent began work for the bank in 1993 in Concordia.

It became apparent in the late 1980s that the bank needed to expand in order to have the kind of lending power and other services that would benefit the community. So in 1992, Cloud County Bank, with facilities in Concordia and Belleville was acquired and merged into CNB.

The 1996 purchase of First State Bank of Lansing gave the bank five locations with two additional facilities in Lansing and Leavenworth, Kansas. Brent was named the Facility CEO for the expansion into this new market area. In 1998, Brad Padgett moved to Lansing, Kansas and joined the bank as a loan officer.

In 2002, the Clay Center facility was purchased from Intrust Bank.

The Citizens National Bank is now comprised of six locations in North Central and North East Kansas. Gary Padgett is the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Brent Padgett is the President and CEO, and Brad Padgett serves as the Senior Loan Officer and COO.

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